Nz ashram is a spiritual retreat or monastery where individuals can live and study under the guidance spiritual teacher. The word "ashram" comes from the Sanskrit word "aashraya", which means "shelter" or "refuge".

Nz Ashram was originally established as the center of learning for spiritual seekers, where students could learn the teachings of their Master and practice meditation, yoga, and other spiritual disciplines.

In modern times, ashrams have evolved to accommodate a wider range of individuals, including those seeking a break from the stresses of modern life, as well as those interested in learning about the teachings and practices of various spiritual traditions.

NZ Ashram is located in a serene and tranquil setting at 169 Tunatahi Rd, Panguru. The natural surroundings of forests and mountains make for peaceful retreats.. We provide a serene and tranquil environment that encourages introspection and self-reflection.

Nz Ashram follows a daily schedule that includes meditation, yoga, chanting, and other spiritual practices. Meals are often vegetarian or vegan, and the emphasis is on simple living and minimalism.

Nz Ashram offers short-term stays for visitors, while others allow individuals to live there for longer periods of time, often studying under the guidance of a spiritual teacher..

NZ Ashrams provide a unique opportunity for individuals to disconnect from the distractions of daily life and connect with themselves and their spirituality.

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