A warm welcome. My name is Jogi Bishwanath & I teach Spirituality, Healing, Kundalini, Meditation, and Yoga as part of my divine spiritual practice.

I recently returned from my visit to the Himalayas, where I had a long-awaited Kundalini Spiritual experience. I have visited various Shakti Pithas across Asian countries. After exploring from the Sandona to the Himalayas and Kailash, I decided to come to New Zealand to pursue spirituality. Now I am excited to share my transformative journey toward growth, harmony, peace, joy, happiness, and love..

I have a successful background in business, having conducted operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, and New Zealand, specifically in the field of IT. I have complete certification from both Microsoft and Cisco.

I was leading an average life - working, managing a business, and taking care of my family. 10 years ago, I began my spiritual journey after seeing a dream one silent night.

In my dream, I saw this beam of light that gave me the vision to leave my reality. This dream completely changed my life, and I felt supreme consciousness after this. Now my only aim is to direct and guide other humans toward humanity and peace.

Being a spiritual person is synonymous with being a person whose highest priority is to understand yourself and love others.

I would gladly welcome anyone inviting me into their project to make this society a spiritually acknowledged and harmonious place.

Swami Amandeep, a certified Tantra teacher, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this journey. His teachings are deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Tantra, and he has guided countless individuals on their path to self-realization and inner transformation. Swami Amandeep's presence and wisdom will illuminate your spiritual journey, helping you explore the depths of your consciousness.

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